Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

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Re: Donald, RX1 Mirrorless FF f2 35mm

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Donald Chin wrote:

Just like X100, RX1 is not a camera for everyone, but I've confident it will fit in well with my D4 & D800E.

Aloha Donald,

Great idea , and suggestion ... if you choose to shoot with it , I need to look at it closer.

You are shooting with one now?

I received mine before Xmas, I use it to replace my X100.

Do you have a good LINK with a discussion on this RX1 ?

No, after all not many people receive their RX1 and as expected you won't get any serious discussion on such a high end P&S at Cyber shot forum.

Totally think I could use this as a second body on a paid shoot ... if I could only trigger my Nikon CLS flashes. Yes, I could go manual, but sometimes I have them mounted up high and would rather use CLS to control them remotely (even if they are set to manual)

I am way too spoiled with CLS and RadioPoppers PX.

I know someone had tried multi wireless flashes set up with RX1, see if you can find it in internet.

That being said. a f2 , 35mm FF is probably all I need for most group shots. As it is , I am using my 24-70 f2.8 @ 35mm to kill off distortion on the edges.

I could totally work with a good (if not great) fixed 35mm f2 FF 24mp sensor ... that can also close focus.

Check for my links on RX1 photos, IQ is excellent.

My concern: Low Light AF .. which is what I do a LOT. even group shots.

AF isn't great for RX1, in fact just more or less like my X100 and D4 CDAF, that's something you need to find out for yourself.

and focus peaking is a good thing .. on the OK button. something that would be strange if they cannot correct.


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