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Re: NX300 Official - well ....

A step forward alright, but I doubt its enough ... seems Samsung is too concerned with the connectivity side and AF ( rightfully so ) that they have miss some rather key concern ...

I suppose the lack of provision for an external EVF in the NX200/210 is pretty much a decision to distinguish it from the NX20, but then it also mean ( for many ) that its no more different in use than the NX1000 and this is still so here. The now articulated LCD would be welcomed, but I doubt the missing 2nd control dial a good idea at all. Not to mention that their primary control dial is still too fiddly and a tiny affair that should be rectified. And well where's the flash.

One have to look at the competitions to tell. And reflect upon themselves. In essence the NX20 and NX210 is no more than one with an EVF and one without, and the NX1000 no more than a weight reduction together with less serious build ( even for dedicated photographers ). I am not sure how Samsung is going to made the NX300 any different this time around.

Yes, it got a new LCD, 3D capability ( doubt if this really sells ), and better AF / processing ( the 2 genuine improvement but less likely to be noted for mainstream consumers ). But as a whole I cannot see how on earth it compare to like of NEX-6, NEX-5R, or OM-D / E-PL / E-PM by missing key features ( build in flash, optional EVF ) and among its own by not taking the lineup and making them differentiate enough ( if I am a serious photographer shooting NX setup, I might as well use a NX1000 )

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