G1X or G15?

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
tinpusher Senior Member • Posts: 1,361
Re: G1X or G15?

I'm also doubtful about there ever being a G2 X given Canon's conservative approach to designs that might impinge on their DSLR Market and the G1X's lack of popular appeal.

For the last 11 months I've moaned about the G1X having no Macro without a close up lens , bulky design and lousy menus BUT of all my cameras - Sony DSLRs , Lumix m4/3 , Leica and Fuji large sensor compacts - I get more keepers from the G1 X than any other and I've never had focus issues.

When you think about it there are lots of alternatives to the G15 but the G1 X remains quite different....big sensor , fixed tele-lens and IQ better than my Fuji X100.

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