Is Panny G5 JPEG color as good as Oly color now, particularly skin tones?

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Marco Cinnirella
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Re: Is Panny G5 JPEG color as good as Oly color now, particularly skin tones?

Hen3ry wrote:

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This is a way over analyzed topic in my opinion.

Frankly, I would have to disagree. Most users use JPEG color .... Only a small proportion of users process RAW files in Lightroom

Holy cow! I was not aware that there were statistics on this.

Do you also have the data broken down by the percentage of enthusiasts that shoot and process RAW in LR / CS versus, say, the percentage of enthusiasts that let the camera do their job?

I would love to see the link where you got that info.


I was just about to post the same question. It seems to me that, as a generalization, the higher spec cameras tend to be purchased by those seeking optimal results. That desire would probably cause many (?) to use RAW for maximum capture and advanced processing to extract the best final result, at least for their more important photo captures.

I think you're being a bit precious, lads. Just look at the paeans of praise for Oly color on this forum. Look at the criticism of Panny color. That's JPEG color, by and large. Why talk about it if you’re not using it?

Ask your local photo store people. Customers buy expensive cameras then go into those stores with the files, get the assistant to run the auto white balance and stuff, and get postcard size prints.

You don’t need stats for everything. That's a statement made at a 95 percentile confidence level using a one way t-test, okay? LOL.

Cheers, geoff

As a psychologist, now you are talking my language Geoff ! Got to love inferential statistics !

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