A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

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Re: A question for the Pro Photographers on this forum.................

You can play "what if" all day. "What if" you get an assignment where you need to do stealthy street photography in a city....say, an art director calls on you to fill out an article in a magazine with candid street shots? What's going to be better, your big Nikon DSLR with it's big glass 24-70mm? Or a small, light, compact, fast OM-D with a 17mm?

A "professional" wouldn't be tied to one camera system. A "professional" uses the right tools for the job. Where does it say that we have to buy into ONE system and ONE system only and THAT'S THAT! END OF STORY! No, you use the right tools for the job.

In this day and age, one could use an m43 system for a vast majority of their pro work. I certainly could as my work consists mainly of editorial photography and portraits. I don't see any problems for me switching from my 5D mkII to an OM-D as most of the equipment that defines my work is really tied up in my lighting system, the camera and lens is only a small part of that. Actually, with a 1/250th of a second flash sync, it would be better than my 5D Mk II as it's really only about 1/180th (when using Pocket Wizards). And, if on the off chance I would need something for a special shoot, there's always lensrentals.com, which btw also rents a variety of m43 lenses and cameras along with a vast array of Canon and Nikon equipment. Problem solved.

So if I were to switch to m43 and I get a call to cover the Grand Prix in Monaco next week, I just rent what I need and do it. I'll be waiting by the phone for that call to come in....

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