Sony does it again... no true international Apps support !

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Re: Sony does it again... no true international Apps support !

spaschedag wrote:

I basically have the same problem here in Switzerland....apps are also not (yet) supported

I don't really understand how they can market and sell the NEX-6 here with the apps but are not able to offer the service???

But there is a workaround....I just created an account for Germany where there is support. This allowed me downloading and using the free apps. The apps that you have to pay for are a bit more complicated as the German account only accepts German credit cards....but also also for this there's a need to buy a PlayStation Network Card (prepaid), e.g. at GameCodeShop (be careful to buy a German card!) which you can then add use to increase your balance.

The downside of this is that most probably you will be locked into the German PlayMemories account forever as it looks like you can't transfer your purchases to another account/country.

Something similar occurred with me. Lived in Belgium until 6 months ago, so I have a BE credit card. Then I moved to NL, where I bought my Nex-6, and registered it here.

Now, cannot buy any paid apps with my BE credit card. Guess they'll live without my money. But still, would like to be able to get the timelapse app... Will look into the Playstation network card thing, even if I don't like to have to workaround what I believe to be Sony's shortcoming.

I find this pretty absurd also because of the current nearly borderless nature of European nations, and the so common movement of people between them.

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