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Olympus and Panasonic have at least shared the workings of their automatic lens correction with Adobe (Lightroom, ACR), Apple (Aperture), and Ichikawa Soft Laboratory (Silkypix). Thats the reason why there are no lens profiles in Lightroom and ACR. The corrections are applied automatically and the user cannot chose to *not* apply them. That's also the reason, why Raw converters like, Raw Therapee or Corel AfterShot Pro (formerly known as Bibble) produce different results - regarding the distortion - with some MFT lenses. They don't know how to use the automatic corrections and show the uncorrected image. Also, not all all MFT lenses need to be corrected. For example the Panasonic/Leica 45mm 2.8 and both Sigmas (EX DN 19mm & 30mm) are optically corrected and do not include any distortion correction information.

More information about the whole automatic lens correction information topic:

- http://www.andrewj.com/mft/mftproject.asp (very interesting for Bibble/AfterShot Pro users)

- http://www.mirrorlessdb.com/knowledgebase/2012/11/30/m43rawanalyzer/ (Disclaimer: this is my site).

Cool web-page ! I wondered if you have any idea how many individual Focal Lengths generate a unique discrete value (or then number-crunched value) of the lens Rectilinear Distortion correction-data embedded in the image-file meta-data ? Perhaps those numbers vary by lens ?

That's a good question. I currently don't know, but I put it on my list of questions regarding the automatic distortion correction feature. With my current knowledge I would imagine that it is one discrete value per focal length, but I have to verify this.

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