How about a DP3D Sigma?

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Re: How about a DP3D Sigma?

D Cox wrote:

Tazzer wrote:

I love my two Fujifilm W3 3D cameras, but sorely miss the Foveon sensor. I use my two Sigma SD14s for 3D occasionally but my W3s get far more use now. As Samsung have just announced the NX300 with a 2D/3D lens perhaps Sigma could produce a DP3D equivalent. That's my New Year's wish, one can but hope.:-)

To do it properly requires at least two lenses and two sensors. Sigma could certainly put two DP1M cameras in one body, but the sales would be very small as it would cost at least $2000.

Samsung appear to be using the left and right sides of the lens as two lenses. They are not far enough apart for good stereo separation, except at macro distances. And with this method you only get stereo in the out of focus parts of the image - an in-focus figure will stand out against an out-of-focus background.

So your best bet is two DP1M cameras mounted close together with some kind of shared remote control.

Then you want a pair of 8K projectors, a silver screen and some Polaroid.

A double camera rig was my first thought too.

But I know that with a SLR approach, variation in focal length within units made it difficult to find two lenses with the EXACT same focal length. I do not know Sigmas quality standards for the DPXm series, but it could be difficult to find two cameras with the exact same focal length.

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