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Ahh! The 3-D Effect


This must be the most debated issue of Foveon cameras.

Foveon cameras are not capable of making a "3-D" effect where there are none. But a Bayer MAY be able to confuse our brain to lessen the feeilng of depth in an image.

Its all about MUSH. Foveon captures "true" colors at every pixel. Bayer has to interpolate. (Experts will of course say that also Foveon has to interpolate - but that is based on information from the same point on the sensor, not from surrounding points.)

When Bayer interpolate, there is a loss of sharpness. More softness - more mush. If all colors would have the same amount of mush, it would not affect anything. But it is not. It is not equal for all colors, and this is the cause of the problem. Our brain register the difference and gets confused. A grey object appear sharper than green objects, and even more so compared to blue or green objects, due to the resolution factor for colors on a Bayer.

Sharpening a Bayer picture does nothing to help; as the relative difference is the same. However, if one where able to make a selective sharpening, so sharpening was applied relatively based on color information? Mike Chaney has done this in his Qimage software, and I think it is possible to find Bayer images clearly demonstrating the difference with and without selective sharpening.

Mike Chany has written about this issue in this and other fomums some years ago. Here is one link: http://www.outbackphoto.com/dp_essentials/dp_essentials_05/essay.html

Would more resolution in a Bayer camera help? Would removal of or a weak AA filter help? I don't know.

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