Quality of video on 5N - your experience sought

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Re: Quality of video on 5N - your experience sought

To be honest you'll be happy with the results from any of the Nex cameras, the differences are pretty much in the function between the different models, i.e. viewfinder, touch screen, WiFi etc. so it's just a case of deciding what is important to you.

Regarding the lenses, the 'standard' kit lens be it the original 5n or the newer 6 lenses are excellent performers so don't think that as they're cheap they're not worth bothering with

Don't be put off by their slow apertures as the high ISO capabilities of these cameras more than off-sets this, so even in low light you will always be able to get a decent image.

Out of the camera jpegs are more than adequate for day to day travel, but I would say shoot RAW for your best shots as it does make a difference.

Remember above all, it is the photographs you take that are important, not the equipment you use as cameras quickly date but treasured shots do not.

Arun Padakandla wrote:

Awesome inputs. Thanks so much. The overheating may not affect me too much. I would be more concerned of running out of memeory before the heating starts to grip my mind Thanks for your crisp and informative replies.


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