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WilbaW wrote:

I'm baffled why Vin ticked your first post as the answer, since it doesn't answer the question or help him in any way to find one.

Totally agree with you. I was just trying to coax him into giving us more info so we could actually help solve his problem, which we never did.

But regarding terminology, we are so far off topic at this point that it's ridiculous. But the rest of your message is so full of misinformation that I feel obliged to respond, because this is how false rumours get started on the internet otherwise.

I just spent an inordinate amount of time sitting on the toilet reading the Nikon D7000 manual. This was not fun. And it greatly dismayed my family members. But I can now write with confidence that you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. You've misinterpreted the out-of-context quote you posted, and ignored more obvious parts of the manual.

The reference to the D7000 is simply a disproof of the claim that no-one uses "exposure compensation" to explain the metering in manual on a modern camera - "In M mode, exposure compensation [i.e. compensating the exposure, not the function to do that in a semi-auto mode] affects only the exposure indicator; shutter speed and aperture do not change", says pretty much everything anyone needs to know about it.

The D7000 manual actually says exactly the opposite of what you are claiming.

Let's start with the diagram of the parts of the viewfinder on page 9. If you look at the on-screen meter (item #19), you will see it has 3 functions listed. One is "exposure indicator" and references page 72. Another is "exposure compensation display" and references page 107. Let's dive deeper and see what those mean. Even at this point, it sure sounds like they're two different things...

The "exposure indicator" documentation on page 72 is right in the middle of the section about… can you guess? That's right, "M" mode! And take a look at what they say: "… the exposure indicator in the viewfinder shows whether the photograph would be under- or over-exposed at current settings". Later they say ".. the amount of under- or over-exposure is shown in increments…". They are consistently using the words "under-exposure" and "over-exposure" here, and the word "compensation" never appears once in the discussion of the meter in their section on "M" mode.

By contrast, take a look at the "exposure compensation display" documentation on page 107. This is the section where you took your out-of-context quote (p. 108). And want to guess what this section is about? It's about the exposure compensation FUNCTION, a specific feature connected to a specific button, unrelated to the exposure you chose with your shutter and aperture. The complete opposite of what you said. You completely skipped over the part that when they mention the indicator showing exposure compensation, they are only talking about a TEMPORARY display that appears while you are holding down the +/- EC button! This is not the display mode that shows your actual metered exposure. It's a temporary override; there's only 1 meter on the screen, so they obviously need to temporarily toggle to show you EC before reverting to metered exposure. Much like how FEC display temporarily takes over the meter in your viewfinder temporarily on a Canon body, while you are in the middle of setting it.

The most obvious sentence, implying the exact opposite of what you are claiming, is on p. 107 and states "the current value for exposure compensation can be confirmed in the exposure indicator by pressing the +/- button". "Exposure compensation" is not, in other words, what normally appears in the meter in M mode as you are claiming. "Exposure compensation" and the metered exposure shown in the "exposure indicator" are two entirely different things, even by Nikon's terminology.

By the way, regarding the reason the EC button works in M mode and can temporarily trigger that display, I was correct in my previous post. There is an actual existing EC function that applies to M mode on the D7000, unlike any Canon bodies. It really has an effect separate from changing shutter or aperture. It also has a separate sequence of button pushes compared to setting either the aperture or the shutter. Shutter speed is controlled the main command dial (see p. 72 again). Aperture is controlled by the sub-command dial. And exposure compensation, an entirely different setting, is controlled by holding the +/- EC button while rotating the main command dial.

It seems very clear cut to me. They call the metered exposure shown in the viewfinder "under-exposure" or "over-exposure", not "exposure compensation" like you claim. They only use "exposure compensation" to refer to the setting separately dialed in using the actual EC button.

So sorry, but you're dead wrong, at least on the D7000. You misunderstood the quote you copied and pasted. And unfortunately, I don't have enough goodwill left with my family to read manuals for any other cameras.

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