Is Panny G5 JPEG color as good as Oly color now, particularly skin tones?

Started Jan 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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The point is... it desaturates blue in jpgs.

Do you have a different experience?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Schira wrote:

I had G3 and now G5. There is a subtle improvement in picture quality for G5 jpgs. And low ISO noise is much less in RAW. I shoot RAW because you can pull much more detail and play with colors. With G3 and G5 unless I underexpose the darker blues turn much lighter in jpgs. You can check it with DPR comparator. Here is a screen shot I created long time ago. That being said, I still like G5 for the interface and keep myself happy by shooting RAW. 

In my opinion Panasonic out of camera jpgs still lag behind Oly.

In the gallery, you entitle that screen shot "what the heck?" as if there should be some sort of expectation that the defaults that Adobe has programmed for the Panasonic RAW files should somehow match the default JPEG settings that Panasonic programmed into the JPEG engine.

Both sets of parameters are DEFAULTS and both were created by different companies (I believe.)

All of which is to say that there should be no expectation that colors and tones will magically match.

Further, there is an expectation that you intervene with either one and set them up the way you like to shoot and process.

So I don't see how you can express surprise ...

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I wish if dpreview supported mobile devices for the forums. It is a hell typing on my Android device. Even the keyboard misbehaves. No autocomplete, no spell check, laggy...

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