TZ30/ZS20: possible to scroll through images while zoomed in?

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Re: TZ30/ZS20: possible to scroll through images while zoomed in?

No, you can't scroll through whilst zoomed in.

I have a TZ30 and previously a TZ8, TZ5 & TZ3. I've personally been a little disappointed so far with the IQ of the TZ30 - the TZ8 and TZ5 were a lot sharper and as a result of that I recently bought a Canon S100 for use in cities, when I don't need the reach of a 20x zoom. Erik Ohlson has recently posted his findings regarding the TZ30 and apertures. His testing has revealed that the optimum isn't stopped down as in film cameras, but wide open. With the limited testing I've done since it would appear he is right - images shot with the widest aperture available are much sharper. I've concluded that in future I'll shoot in AV, aperture at its widest, with iso set to auto - this caps it at 800 iso, which I find acceptable with the TZ30.

I find 2 spare batteries more than adequate for a days shooting, but then again I never use the GPS.

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