Trade in the 70-200 vr1 for f4; FX user

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Re: Trade in the 70-200 vr1 for f4; FX user

Cerumen wrote:

nikkorwatcher wrote:

Too much time on their hands to think about that extra pound of weight, and too much money to play around with. Like the well heeled going up the mountains or on cycle tours. Teens in the army have to run and jump with far more weight on them. Most of these gear freaks would probably swear by their expensive camera backpacks, but if they can't put an extra pound in there without claiming it's crippling them, there's something wrong with the bag or the back.

Anyway, your implication is right, trading in a used f2.8 VR1 against a new and overpriced f4 doesn't look the best deal ever struck.

OP here. I'm flattered by your generous characterizations, imagining me with idle time and an excess of money. Thank you.

However, a more accurate description would be that I use my 180 more than the 70-200 v1, simply because it's easier for my sorry ass to haul around. I seldom shoot at 2.8 (usually no wider than 3.5) so it seems like a mild shift, especially in light of the IQ provided by the new f4 version.

I appreciate a fast lens as much as anyone, and have a few fast primes. Frankly, I don't think it's a crazy idea to trade in the 70-200 v1 lens for the new f4 version. I appreciate everyone's opinion here. Thanks.

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As a traveller and a portrait photographer i tought about same swap, just for the weight.

I do love my VR1`s bokeh, and that is the only reason why I did not do  it yet.

On a D300 this lens is almost amazing, despite te weight.

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