Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

Great Bustard wrote:

I have to wonder (but not ask) why you would have participated in this thread at all, then.

It's ok, I'm happy to answer. Because it was so hot here today, I wasn't going to do much else.

I don't mean do make it sound like what you're doing here is not worthwhile to you. Yes I think your definition of exposure covers most of what I can think of. There have been lots of comments regarding the subject previously but I haven't kept links or references, as I'm not inclined to be very interested in the academic side or the theory of why I should do something a certain way. After over forty years of photography I just do it. I'm not so set in my ways that I can't adapt when needed.

I do continue to read some of these threads in the hope that there is some little bit of information that may be useful. Sometimes, but not often, there is.

Generally I try to keep my photography as simple as possible. One of the reasons for not taking part in many discussions on theory. I believe that too many people spend too much time talking instead of doing. Worrying about this lens being better than that one, when the lesser one is still going to do the job 99% of the time. For me content comes first, provided exposure etc is ok. If the end result is not perfect, I will try to do it better next time, but not at the expense of capturing that interesting or decisive moment.

Once m4/3 sensors went to 16MP I considered they were adequate for all but specialist purposes, and all those bigger, were also adequate. So for me it comes down to the ergonomics of the gear I use and if it has the capability in other areas such as follow focus. I'm impatient that m4/3 doesn't yet make it for my purposes.

I'm usually looking for more DOF, rather than less, so 800 ISO, f8 gives me a high enough shutter speed for the tele lens and birds I am pointing it at. Plus 2/3 to 1 stop exposure comp., is usually enough when looking to fill shadows. I can then concentrate on my subject.

Now that I've gone way OT, I hope you can understand that I find too much detail just gets in the way.

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