Rumor: Focus Peaking to come to new X100 model

Started Jan 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Rumor: Focus Peaking to come to new X100 model

Kind of disappointed with this.

I wish they'd given us a real mechanical focus lens with distance markings instead.  Focus peaking + the current fly-by-wire implementation just isn't going to be that useful, unless you only shoot static subjects.  Though if they've improved the fly-by-wire focusing - to at least something similar to what m43rds have done - then it might be somewhat useful..

Since the X100s is supposedly using the same sensor as on the XP1/XE1, I hope the focus peaking will also trickle down to the XP1/XE1.  At least, it'll sort of make sense there, when using third party lenses for example.

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