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Re: NX300 Official - See the News! - what size files ?
Unless you want lossy compression you aren't going to do much better than that. A RAW file is 12 bits and has an embedded JPEG. With no compression on your NX10 that is 14.6 MP * 12 bits = about 21 Megabytes plus maybe 1 or 2 MB for embedded JPEG. Say 2:3 lossless compression ratio puts it down around 14 MB, plus a low quality JPEG for review and you are up at probably 15 MB.

The 20 MP sensor is going to be 28 MB uncompressed before you had in the preview JPEG. This is not small, and not something you are going to be able to reduce much below 20 MB without lossy compression.

Hi Eric,

I have to politely disagree with you. I made some tests (with my NX10's raw files), and the Samsung raw files are embedding a full jpeg (3.5 to 6mb). The rest (about 22MB) is the 14.7mpix at 12 bits per pixel.

You can do differential encoding (I tried it), and you can go to 15MB without any loss. Basically you save the difference between the pixels, instead of saving the absolute value. You can encode the difference in 1 byte per pixel if it fits, and when it doesn't you need 3 pixels. In my tests, you can fit the difference in 1 byte for over 99% of the pixels. The algorithm is super easy, and the concept is super old (I think from the 70s).



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