Mac Mini: Please help me figure out where I should invest my upgrade?

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Re: Mac Mini: Please help me figure out where I should invest my upgrade?

monkeyrpn wrote:

Thanks Tom, I'd consider the option of using an enclosure with firewire connection. So does the USB 2.0 bottleneck the speed? Cause instead of buying another enclosure, I could just use the money to buy a SSD to run my OS and programs off on, and have the internal harddrive store all the photos. Wouldn't that solve the slow USB connection?  [snip]

USB 2.0 is relatively slow, yes.  However, the standard internal drive in the Mac Mini is also slow-ish (being a 5400 RPM laptop drive).  I suspect that Firewire is basically a dead technology now from Apple's point of view (it's not available on the new iMacs) so this would be a short-term purchase.  Personally I think you're best investing in an external Thunderbolt enclosure with 7200 RPM disks.  Don't scrimp after spending thousands of dollars on that D800 !

[ An internal SSD for Mac OS would be a good second choice option in my opinion, but I imagine that the bottleneck you are seeing is with the drive your photos are stored on - I would want to move them to a much faster disk, hence Thunderbolt. ]

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