Oly XZ-2 Owners who have had Canon G11

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Re: Oly XZ-2 Owners who have had Canon G11

I bought an XZ-2 a month ago to serve as my point-and-shoot backup camera, and gave my Canon G11, which previously served in the backup role, to my son. Since you asked only about jpeg image quality, I will limit my comments to that.

Whenever I replace a camera, I become nostalgic about the old one and shoot a lot with it before parting with it. I did the same last month with the G11, and was reminded why it is such a good little camera. But still, in comparison to the XZ-2, it falls short.

At this point (about 150 shots worth keeping), I can say without hesitation that the XZ-2 has the better IQ, and its jpeg tonal quality is outstanding. And, with the brighter lens, the XZ-2 is also able to consistently shoot at lower ISO's than my G11. Its low light performance doesn't match my DSLR's, of course, but I have gotten substantially better results than I did with the G11. With the G11, I was glad to have a very good P/S backup, but just gave up on getting quality low-light shots. With the XZ-2, however, I don't feel that way; I've been able to get very good shots in reasonably low light. This alone has justified its somewhat high purchase price. Plus, I slapped on an EVF, something I also wanted and couldn't do with the G11 (oh, wait, I just strayed from discussing IQ, so I'll stop here).

In short, I think you'd be very pleased replacing your G11 with the XZ-2.

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