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Here you go .... Thoughts!

Cold Smoke wrote: I recently realized that my nozzle problems are likely a result of being in a low humidity area (20% humidity in the mountains) and I figured it would be best to use something more powerful to fix stubborn clogs. I also purchased a humidifier today and have it running right now. Thoughts?

I originally mentioned the use of a 5% Ammonia solution because everyone (well, all those based in the USA) kept talking about Windex - which (as far as I know) is not available elsewhere in the World and the important active ingrediant is Ammonia - although I recommended a 5% solution and not paper folded under th printhead passageway (as it were) but folded cotton cloth (like say a handkerchief - clean of course! - as paper can disintegrate as the head is moved over same and thus leave unwanted bits under the printhead or in the base "side-to-side" channel.

In the UK and certainly here in Spain, an alternative branded product is Cillit Bang - but one needs to check if Ammonia is present as there are several products with that name with different formulae for different cleaning abilities. In real terms, plain Ammonia is the best as it does not then have the additions (really unwanted for declogging) ingredients for cleaning glass and is certainly cheaper than any commercial product that contains Ammonia alongside other chemical additions that are not really wanted for this purpose.

Final comment - to match your last word - thoughts are the humidifier should be a sensible procedure for your low humidity conditions. I have mentioned before that I have always recommended that the printhead is wrapped with kitchen cling-film (for food wrapping) if going away for a period - or not using the printer even if at home/work as that helps prevent drying out of the head nozzles.

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