New NEX 7 has a name. What do you want in the 7m?

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Re: re: joystick, 4-way controller - it can go by many names...

jpr2 wrote:

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jpr2 wrote:

How do you pick FP with an EVF or LCD without TS? Seems like one has to hope that the camera magically picks the right point, which at least for me often fails and is extremely annoying when you're trying to capture a special moment but can't.

with EVF the only option to manipulate FPs is through the use of joystick, TS has no use there at all

As I said -- completely useless, in particular because the NEX series has no joystick. You can't pick focus points efficiently using an EVF. Which is why touch LCD's are crucial.

...I'm not sure which model you have, but on N7 it is possible to move the spot around by UI, and still without any need to employ TS

Exactly that is my point! You HAVE to move the spot around by UI. THis sucks big time. You can't tell me you can move the spot to the right location in less than 2 seconds, more realistically 4. After 2 seconds many cool moments are lost. Same on the 6 (which is what I have). On the 5N, you simply hit the subject on the screen, it takes the picture within 1/10's of a second. Much faster and less cumbersome. I honestly think you have never tried a touch to focus solution so you are not aware how useful it is.

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