Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

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Clayton1985, Totally AGREE ... it will effect Nikon DSLR users regardless.

Clayton1985 wrote:

If Nikon continues to fall behind in the mirrorless market then dust, oil, and AF issues will be the least of their worries IMO. It doesn't really matter if you don't think you will ever buy a mirrorless camera, it will still impact the DSLR side if a substantial percentage of FF cameras and lenses are being sold by other companies that are leading the way in the mirrorless market. I'd be surprised if Nikon doesn't see this but how they decide to address it is a different story.

Clayton1985, Totally AGREE  ... it will effect Nikon DSLR users regardless.

With the Sony RX1  ... and some PROs already considering it.

And Nikon has no FF PRO answer?  and leverage there ACC and CLS  flash system ?  That's Dumb !

Someone at Nikon has to look at the RX1 and be concerned.  Yes the price is high, but so is the D800.

Do a D800 36mp RX1 with a Fixed 35mm f1.8 lens with low distortion.  Nikon can put there toe in the water that way.

and it seems like all the parts are there.  Just include  CLS  in camera PLEASE.  And include WiFi in camera.

NO Way I would buy this PRO camera without built in CLS trigger.  why have a small camera with TONS of things hanging off it.

and hopefully improve the Low Light AF , and Face recognition.

The RAW already has LR support in the D800.  and the sensor is a given.  Just solve the Oil and dust issues.


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