Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

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Re: At the risk of being branded a fanboy...

eNo wrote:

The pricing difference may well come down to economics

  • As others point out, keeping up two production lines, or swapping the same production line to produce units that differ even if ever so slightly carries an embedded cost
  • Preparing and maintaining two different versions of firmware to deal with AA filtering vs. not adds cost
  • Keeping different parts on hand for repairs also adds cost
  • Nikon is producing smaller number of 'E' models, and demand is high - see Economics 101

Thom Hogan has noted that in the end Nikon may discontinue the D800 and sell only D800E units, at which point most of those considerations go away and the cost/price can come down. At any rate, people are buying them at the higher price. That in and of itself proves Nikon "right" in their pricing.

1. There are no ´╗┐two ´╗┐production lines, there is only one and both cameras are produced in the same line, there is no limit in percentage either, it is purely dependent on the preorder/stocking of sensors... They can make as many as they want (up to the total production capability) of both or of either.

2. "Tuning" of the same electronics, goes with the sensor under production.

3. There are no different (physically) parts... they keep different sensor stocking now too... this doesn't increase price in one of them, it increases on both products.

4. That is under their will... they can change that anytime.

I've noted that before TH, in fact I've shared it with him in a private conversation we had via PMs... The internal competition problem that D800 plain is generating in the Nikon line is obvious, personally I don't think they will stop it, they will rather "alter" the sensor for the D4 one... creating a D800S (or H, or whatever). The one thing that is stopping them from doing so, is that D4 will be affected and they haven't decide if they will move to a D4S earlier than it's intended, or if they will move D800 sensor to D4, thus creating a D4X or do both... Whatever they will decide to avoid D4 cannibalization, it will be a much wiser decision than the current line.


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