help me to understand the 60mm Macro

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Re: help me to understand the 60mm Macro

Entropius wrote:

BonoBox wrote:

thank you for your attention

yes i know the fact that macro is for very close and "magnified" pics (we are talking around 3-10cm distance from the lense) but as mentioned is some reply i can't figure out how is possible that people can use the same macro lens like a portrait lense or evan panorma lens. (i.e.

i'm trying now in my apartment with the 12-50mm (macro @ 43mm) and while i can shoot macro without problem i can't take a single picture from distance.

The 12-50mm is funny: when you put it in macro mode, it will *only* focus close, by a special arrangement of the lens elements.

Most "macro" lenses don't work that way. They work like perfectly normal lenses; they just have the capability to focus closer, and when focused closer don't lose optical quality.

The 60mm macro is like this. It is a 60mm lens that can focus at any distance from infinity to "very close", and give sharp images at any distance.

ahhh that's why!

thank you...but now you make me even more confused in my lenses choice!!! argh...i should consider also the 60mm macro instead of the 75mm ARGHHHH

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