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kyep10 wrote:

Wow thanks everyone for in depth and very detailed responses to add to shooting in raw. Whether for everyday use or post production should I be shooting in raw or high quality jpeg?

It's like you have the 4WD SUV and the Compact Car. Which one should you use? Each of us has different preferences. Each of us even changes preference depending on what task we are doing.

The RAW is "reliable" - like the 4WD SUV. It can be clumsy - some lower range cameras, the time it takes to save can be slow and lose you the oppurtunity. It is not "instant" - if I am travelling, haven't got my best screen and set up computer, I can't assess my work on the raw correctly - I would prefer a well done JPEG straight out of the camera.

The JPEG for me, needs no tuning in an Olympus camera but needs a lot of initial assessment in a Panasonic (the one I have).  If I mis guess and want just 0.7 more room to recover highlights, I can't. If I don't have control and the WB is not good, it's pretty hard to clean that up on the computer with the JPEG. And if I need creative control in shadows, mids, highlights and want to cook my own rendering, it is harder with JPEG.

Does it matter aside from post production?

It does when you want creative more creative control of the shot. Post production is always part of the creative control.

BTW nice work you did in the photos

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