I am returning my 3rd RX100 to Amazon.

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Re: I am returning my 3rd RX100 to Amazon.

b534202 wrote:

Roger65 wrote:

Andrew Butterfield wrote:

I might be tempted to wipe it clean and keep it if it was working perfectly

I am with Andrew

You might want to read this


and do a Google search on "Amazon closes account for returns"

Yeah, that's just abusing the system.

The throw-away LCD film has bubble and not perfectly applied and that's one of the reason for return? I doubt they have a machine that puts that film on perfectly, its done by a guy earning $10 a day.

That's not a legit reason for return.

I asume most people are generous enough to accept the "used but mint" conditions. I didn't mind film bubbles unless camera was in good condition but couldn't accept the obvious finger prints on the lens and "oily" hint around lens housing as well.

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