Special deal on Rokinon fisheye

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Re: Special deal on Rokinon fisheye

Allan Brown wrote:

snaimpally wrote:

Overstock currently has the MFT version of the Rokinon fisheye for $242.99:


Get another $10 off using the $10 off coupon here:


With $2.95 shipping, the total was $235.94.

Those rip-off artists want 313.48 Canadian for this lens.

I will Not be buying it from them.


Having lived in Canada for many years, I can sympathize.  That price makes no sense given the parity between the CDN and USD.  One of my friends in Ottawa has discovered a UPS store in Ogdensburg that will hold shipments for Canadians (for a small fee).  He orders stuff, drives over on the weekend (about 45 minutes each way) and picks up his stuff.  Given that 90% of Canadians live within an hours drive of the border, you might consider looking into an arrangement such as my friend has.

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