Annoying aperture setting in S mode with SEL35F18

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Re: Annoying aperture setting in S mode with SEL35F18

This is what I do on the 5N. Menu > Setup. I set MF assist to 5 seconds (there is also a 2sec or unlimited). Set MF Assist to enabled. Enable DMF for AF/MF Select in Camera settings.

Press shutter half way to autofocus then turn focus ring as desired wait 5sec (still holding shutter halfway) for the DMF to zoom back out from magnification. Recompose while holding shutter.

On the 5N you can put the camera in auto ISO while in A/S mode. I would be surprised if you can't do that on the NEX6. Hope that helps.

´╗┐Yep, can't use auto ISO in M. Use A and set your aperture and let the camera figure out the rest or use manual and practice applying appropriate aperture for different conditions. You'll eventually get the hang of it.

With Legacy lenses, you control aperture on the lens. The camera doesn't even know what you have it set at and does not care enough to stop you for taking the pic. So you could keep it wide open and set aperture. Can't do that with auto lenses such as the kit lenses.

Hope that helps.

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