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Re: Sound like "vaporware" so far

malch wrote:

offroadcmpr wrote:

So just making up numbers, let's say that there are 10 million people currently paying for ESPN, at $5 that would mean ESPN makes $50,000,000 a year. Under the a la carte system there would only be 2.5 million subscribers. For ESPN to continue to have their same revenue then they will have to charge $20 per subscriber.

So you're saying that 7.5 million people are paying hard earned dosh for a service they don't want. I call that outrageous.

I guess ESPN will need to downsize or find a way to expand its market based on the value of the goods and services actually delivered. Just like every other business.

Either that or roll it into PBS so that the ESPN folks can continue to enjoy their current lifestyle on the backs of the taxpayer.

The operation of this market needs to be reinvented, and eventually it will be. Maybe Intel can start that process or maybe someone there is just blowing smoke. In any event, if they're prepared to try, I wish them well!

I agree it is unfair to those who are paying for something that they don't want. Chances are there are millions of people who are subsidizing the channels that you watch too. Every single channel would have to downsize or shutdown, which means both the big players and the small players will fight it long and hard.

The problem is that they have no incentive to change. In fact they have an incentive to not change. The only way it will change is if they are forced to, or it somehow becomes profitable to. Intel can try to push for change, but until they can give them an incentive they won't.

I think eventually we will get there, I just can't see Intel as the ones who will force it through. Unless of course Intel has some trick up their sleeve that no one else has thought of yet. For now all you can really do is vote with your wallet and give up cable until they give you what you want. As long as people keep on paying for cable packages they will stay.

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