Another one on resolution (Bayer vs. Foveon) - AND or OR?

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Re: I fold

xpatUSA wrote:

No, of course we do not. BTW, most of us can't even "look at the dcraw code for X3F". Nice of the gentleman to print out the relevant line for us.

How about just the comments from the code? It's a pretty standard unsharp masking.

/* Array for 5x5 Gaussian averaging of red values */
[ 5 lines removed ]

/* Sharpen the reds against these Gaussian averages */

[ 25 lines removed ]

Here is the complete source code. Look for function foveon_interpolate and then these comments:

What on earth has that got to do with standardized testing?

Because what is the point of standardized testing that does not match/correlate with how you use a camera in the field?

So we are forced to conclude that, in Erik's opinion, it is simply not possible to compare two or more cameras without including the intrinsic processing of the conversion software.

It's possible, just pointless to do so.

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