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Christopher D Mann wrote:

How durible is the Cyber Comander. I looked at it just online and wonder about its build quality. The two small adjustment knobs at the bottom look like they could break easily. I have also read about people using it outdoors and stating that the screen is hard to see. I do a lot of location shooting so that why I went PW.

Hey Christopher,

I have used my PCB gear commercially for 2.5 years now and have never had an issue with durability. Since I travel extensively for my commercial work I'm not easy on my gear, but do take precautions to ensure that my stuff does not have to endure undo abuse. I would estimate that I've done about 400 commercial shoots with the CyberCommander and have not had one malfunction with the buttons. I shoot about 80% of my commercial work in studio, but an equal amount of personal work outdoors. In direct sunlight the display fades, but it's nothing my hand shading the unit won't resolve. Here is a link to how I pack my gear for travel.

Everyone gets to choose the gear that works best for their application. I have found that I much prefer PCB's stuff over LPA's equipment. Because I depend on the gear to function consistently it's key that I can count on what I use. Plus the customer service I've received from PCB's staff is WORLDS APART from the total lack of customer service I DIDN'T get from LPA. But again, each person's experience may be different. I just know what works for me.

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