Picture quality problems with D7000

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cerberusjf wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Agreed...over simplification on my part but you can indeed get much closer with the latitude we now have and the ability to load settings. The KR "look" is now an easy thing to add and custom picture controls loaded to the camera make a huge difference. I simply get a tiny bit frustrated with the ideal that the "OOC JPEGS look so horrible" phrase comes up so often when no effort to change camera defaults (regards picture control changes and WB tweaking) are ever considered. There really is a lot of latitude now. The difference between Nikon "standard" or "portrait" vs someones custom PC, made with effort, can be huge!!!

Hi Mako,

I was wondering if there was a list of settings anywhere that would make the D7000 jpg output like an Olympus or a Fuji Provia, Velvia or Astia or Pro160?

A few people have posted their settings...often adjusting hue, but I have seen no site or place with a group of them available. That does surprise me as I've looked often. There is a really good plugin DxO FilmPack that lets you get the film look your looking for. Seems it would be easy to profile a camera that way as well. As eNo says, not easy to get really accurate in camera with all scenes. You can get close but never 100%..1 being Nikon 10 being Fuji, I think you can get to a 7 with a bit of work.

I tried the D7000 on auto wb and got horrible yellow/green results, tried again in a different shop with warm fluorescent (?) wb as recommended by the shop assistant (a Canon girl though, maybe can't be trusted ;-)) and the results were the same...

I have had issues under some of the new CFL's but never really any horrible green...I do though carry a WB card and set a custom when accuracy is a priority. Did it here

The print and the card match perfectly. Auto WB had the pinks a little too pink.

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