Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

There is a definition for "correct exposure": it's the exposure that best balances DOF, motion blur, noise, shadow detail, and highlight detail. Of course, not all photographers will choose the same balance, so there is a range of values for a "correct exposure", depending on the artistic intent.

No argument here, except that there are too many definitions of what is correct.

Can you give me a definition of "correct exposure" that makes more sense than how I defined it above?

Did I say anywhere above that your definition of correct exposure was bad or wrong ?

If you ask five photographers their definitions you will probably get ten different answers. That doesn't mean yours is any lesser. Just different. Unless you want to take the point of view that you are correct and everyone else is wrong.

I see you like to play with words, and twist meanings whenever it suits. That is one of the reasons I won't answer your exposure question. Whatever I say you will find a different answer.

Until retiring a few years ago I worked full time and part time most of my working life as a photographer. I didn't waste my time lining up a medium format camera beside a 35mm to see if they gave me the same or different exposures. I used what I thought was suitable at the time to produce a result which satisfied me and more importantly my customer.

Now I only need to satisfy myself most of the time, and I am not changing my point of view that trying to follow this and other threads along similar lines, is just as confusing, if not more so than reading a camera manual for the first time.

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