Adding a Function To a Button:D800

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Re: Adding a Function To a Button:D800

Paul Spatafora wrote:

Epic Light wrote:

Paul Spatafora wrote:

Is there anyway to program a function button on the D800 to switch from FX to DX and back again? I'd like to program one the buttons to do this, but so far the only method I can find is to go through the menu system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes you can. custom settings under controls. It's the purple section I think.

YES!!!! I found it! Now only if it the unwanted area could ne shaded out!

Thanks again.


it's a weird way to do it but very possible.  you could do a search for "nikon dx mode greyd" and find a bunch of links.  on my d600, setting a4 AF point illumination" to "OFF" makes the outside part grey when in DX mode.

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