sx50hs lens cap size question

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Felix John
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Re: sx50hs lens cap size question

kaya3 wrote:

Hello! I just purchased an sx50hs today (woohoo) and i wanted to replace the lens cap as the one included is terrible and snaps off quite easily. I did this with my sx40hs, and it took 52mm lens cap, which is slightly too large for the sx50hs. I have been googling all afternoon and i cant find what size lenscap to get to replace for the sx50hs. hS nyone replaced the lescap on the sx50hs. thanks in advance!!

Congrats on your purchase. I'm new to this, so all I can do is relay what I think I know from just personal experience. Anyone, please feel free to correct me... I never even considered lens sizes when I bought a lens kit off EBay for half price, right before Christmas.

The lens on the SX50 is 52mm. The lens I purchased were 58mm, but came with an adapter ring & 58mm lens cap. This cap is kind of wobbly a bit, but holds. It's obvious that it isn't exactly Canon quality, but I've done what was recommended by others, kept the adapter on, alomg with a UV lens to protect the camera lens, then the cap.

But you probably know all this already, with your experience. They also sell better quality caps on EBay. Good luck... Felix

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