Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Re: Using Oliadata W USB

Dewcal wrote:

Finally got the package from the German shop link that was posted earlier in this thread - many thanks.

Installation of the wireless USB drivers on a Win 7 64bit laptop was painless - despite the fairly rudimentary start up guide - literally put in the small CD and follwo the instructions.

Have tried the dongles out on both a Canon G10 and and Nikon D4 to good effect with PSRemote and NKRemote software from Breeze Systems. Connection is fairly instant and first trails showed that a 33Mb raw file would download from the D4 in about 8 seconds. This seems slower than others have reported so I will be looking at this again - may be software related?

33 MB for a D4 raw file?  Are you shooting uncompressed RAW?  My D800 files are lossless compressed raw and are around 42 MB.  And they take about 8 seconds to transfer.  Rough estimate

Have just downloaded a trial of "Control my Nikon" so will see if there is any difference there.

I use both the above cameras during the photo course I give so being able to avoid a couple of cables around a floor will be a great help in avoiding people tripping over them (they can just kick the tripod legs instead....)!

Have a USB power brick, so am now waiting for a USB to 3.5mm barrel plug to arrive to avoid using the supplied mains adaptor.

Will be experimenting with the distance I can transmit / receive over the next few days to see if it will go down the garden or for use in the field.

I don't think you should expect much range.  I am experiencing a range of about 25 feet tops indoors.  More like 20 feet.  I think the specs only state something like 33 feet don't they?

I'm using the Cables Unlimited set but I think they are basically the same hardware.

Also worth noting to those interested...  I have installed the drivers on a Windows 8 tablet and the receiver does not work.  It actually appears like it's working but is unable to detect and recognize the transmitter device in the camera.  Another forum member on here has confirmed my findings on his Windows 8 device.

Thanks again to those who helped me get to this stage.



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