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Re: NX300 ..... It's really a Samsung!

Ralf Bauer wrote:

To put it ironically

We blow up screen

copy three missing features from Sony NEX: tilt screen, phase detection and focus peaking

flavour it with some Fuji vintage appearance

and put 3D consumer gimmick for higher Samsung 3D-TV sales in it.

Samsung ... like this we know you .... you merge the best of all worlds in one camera .... NX300 is a better copy than Ipad.

NX300 ..... It's really a Samsung!

They copy as much as the others.

Phase detection on the sensor was available way before on other cameras and sensores, do you call sony copycats as well or would you say they use the best tech available on the market?

I serioulsy don't get what you are trying to say, do you consider the Samsung NX300 a good product or a bad one?

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