I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: Pity, what a lot of shortsighted remarks

perry rhodan wrote:

Made my ingnore list much longer, hehe.

This E/OVF paranoia is not getting better. Lots of opinions, very few facts. Some seem to have the crystal ball we are all looking for, hehe

Now goin to take a Knapppp.

Regards Perry

Hi Perry,

I think you are right. I'm afraid I opened a can of worm here with this thread. All I wanted to say as the OP is that I have an EVF and I like it and when I looked through an OVF after just not using it for 4 months, it felt kind of oldish to me.

But different people CAN have different opinions and different preferences, and should use what works best for them. I'm happy with the EVF, and they should be happy with their own choice, without thinking that the other is an a55hole or in-experienced novice, just because he prefers something else.


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