Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: Olympus MySets, do you use them?

No, not at all.  Besides being an old dog, I'm also a Luddite and would actually like to remove many other "features" from my two E-M5s-- I'd start with everything video, touch screen stuff, and go from there.

The E-M5 is an excellent camera and I sold my whole Pentax K5 x2 and 18 lenses to purchase them after using an OM-D for 2 weeks-- though it took some time to get them set up to operate in a pretty basic mode--  like the old OM series.  This is assuming most "stuff" is shut off, and erspecially the touch screen.  My thanks to some forum members here re set-up and understanding menus etc.

I especially like the small high quality lenses possible w/ the m43 format.

Cheers and Happy New Year.


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