V2 sample photos from DPR

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Re: V2 sample photos from DPR

rayman 2 wrote:


The reason the V2 doesnt perform better is due to the camera and not the lens....

and it is around £700 here too ! Its basically down to sensor size that the camera doesnt perform

I would go one step further and say instead due to both, neither the cam nor the lens used for those shots are very compelling. Though I believe the cam can do slightly better when equipped with higher quality glass and under maybe better lighting conditions.

better but thats also the bigest advantage of the series one system.... used with some serious

F - mount long focal length glass it realy shines(2.7x crop factor) as you can see from so many nice birding shots here...

Well that's not it's initial main system purpose and so more or less still due to a lens shortcoming side effect. However, may be good for those who are hunting after some more reach than usual, but as said not what the usual system customer is looking after first of all.

All in all I had somehow higher and better expectations for the Nikon V2. And to be honest, I haven't seen yet anything out of V2 IQ here, which would clearly give it some real advantage over the V1. More sobering the whole ...

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