Help please - nex 3, 5R or 6? Then do I get the upgrade lens kits? In a pickle

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Re: In a pickle ....

I agree with what you're saying but I do think people underestimate the articulated screen - there is no 'stinky diaper' stance with any NEX's a well stabilised waist level medium format stance and is an ideal way to take natural/unobtrusive photographs of people and also get a multitude of angles and positions which you'd struggle to get with a fixed screen and/or VF. I'd never go back to a camera without one.

My personal experience after trying EVF's is that I'm not entirely convinced that I'm getting back what I lost from an optical VF SLR. Mileage may vary of course and it's certainly nice to have the option but then you can also add the articulated external vf to the 5 which gives even more options.

Then again, it depends on the price and it sounds like you got a 'no-brainer' deal.

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