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Re: NX300 Official - See the News!

I just headed my sections not because it's a professional review or anything but just because my opinions are long and I don't want to force you to read through it all

What I like

All the improvements are great- I'm especially like the ergonomic improvements. The camera is a bit thicker, but the top dial looks to be in a more comfortable place. On the black model, the grip-side neck strap lug is hidden so your hand doesn't get poked while holding the camera (but I don't get why the white model isn't also like this). At first I was disappointed at the removal of the back side dial, but then I remembered it is now touch screen, so at least there won't be too much menu digging.

Also, the movie button looks smartly placed, out of the way of accidental presses but still in reach. Hopefully the camera's body is rubberized or something- faux leather on the NX200 while pretty, wasn't the best.

On top of all these improvements, Samsung has lowered the starting price by $150. I'll still be waiting for sales and whatnot, but the camera seems affordable and correctly priced off the bat- making me less motivated to wait for basement bucket prices of <$500. Honestly, I've been realizing it's not just Samsung products that do that- it's practically every mirrorless camera from any company. Camera industries sure are digging themselves a financial dilemma....

What I'm worried about

I really hope this "new" sensor actually brings some IQ improvements, and it's not just "new" in that it now has phase detect sensors- speaking of which, I hope the AF is actually improved because of it, unlike Canon with their EOS-M and its slow focusing despite phase detect sensors.

Hopefully video quality has improved too- the 60p in 1080 is nice, but Samsung needs to fix its issues with moire and whatnot (I'm really hoping that Samsung can double for my video needs too, but that remains to be seen).

The main worry I have for the nX300 is if the battery life- which was already fairly short in the NX210- is even shorter now with the higher res, bigger, touch-enabled screen and faster processor. Also, speaking of which, does the faster processor only mean better FPS and focusing, or do we also get better buffer times and smaller RAW files?

Also, I really don't like tilt screens- for me it's the worst of both worlds: extra thickness without full flexibility of an articulated screen. I was hoping Samsung would be the first to put it on a rangefinder model considering it hasn't yet made an external EVF


I'm glad that Samsung hasn't gone full Android on its NX cameras. Samsung seems to be slowly improving everything, getting more and more solid as they go. I still can't say I like the Wi-fi so much that I think it deserves a separate button and place on the mode dial, but who knows, I might find myself uploading like that in the near future (unless I get a decent smartphone camera first ;)). I have to admit though, something about Samsung still feels very electronic/technology based, even though it's a very fine photographic product. I think at this point it's not the product but Samsung simply lacks heritage- if it had been the one to buy Pentax or if it had one of the German lens makers behind its production, it might inspire more confidence, but I think it will just take time.

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