Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

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Re: Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

YiannisPP wrote:

saudidave wrote:

If I were you I would trust your daughter's judgement. The GF3 with a power zoom lens does not "blow the RX100 clean out of the water".

You completely missed the point my friend. My daughters young eyes can perceive the difference between a compact and an enthusiast compact . Mine, aided by spectacles can only just -I'm 60 yrs old and they don't work as well as they did. It's all about personal perspective, choice, et al. If you want to throw away your cash spending twice as much for a 10 % pixel peep, then it's your choice to do so. As for RX100 @ £450.00 & GF3+powerzoom @£300.00 I'll retain my initial stance: no contest whatsoever. Amen

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