Help please - nex 3, 5R or 6? Then do I get the upgrade lens kits? In a pickle

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Re: Help please - nex 3, 5R or 6? Then do I get the upgrade lens kits? In a pickle

taffyb wrote:

´╗┐Ok so long story short, I've read & read & read &, read reviews, this forum, I've asked in shops & I'm completely confused?

I recently bought the F3 for my father back in the summer with the standard lens & although I had high expectations after reviews & recommendations that the NEX cameras are great, both me & my father were blown away with how good the camera was. In fact the only downside was the fact that the standard lens supplied made it quite bulky & just beyond the realms of making it a large travel / everyday camera.

However, even with my dads complete lack of anything besides point shoot & my keen to learn amateur skills, we both loved the camera.

Fast forward to now & I'd like to upgrade from my what must be well over 5yr old sony touch screen point & shoot to my very own NEX; this is where I gets difficult.

My desirables are in no particular order:

A camera that can take stills in nearly all scenarios good enough to print off & put up in our home. A camera that I can learn to use from basic point & shoot to learning how to utilise the manual features & ultimately find out if being a serious photographer (DSLR) would be something that'd interest me.

cont. The camera would be my main camera, with only my iphone & old compact where its too risky to use the NEX. My camera would also be used by complete amateur girlfriend.

I would take videos sometimes, but it'd be mostly for stills & the camera would be an investment to keep & use for the next 4-5 years (Hopefully).

Now this is where it gets interesting - as it'd be primarily my main camera which I'd like to take & use everywhere with me, portability & ease of use, quickly & in any scenario to get the best shot plays a huge part.

At the moment in the UK I can get the following:

NEX 3 standard F3k £300 & with the additional zoom F3D £400

NEX 5R standard 5R £450 & with what I think is the NEX6 Lens 5RL £600 & then standard zoom plus the larger zoom 5RY can't find many / any stockists?

NEX 6 standard 6L around £600 & the 6Y around £730.

My main problem is I can't work out which is better for my situation? & ultimately how I should spend my hard earned & saved cash?

The 3 comes only with the larger lens & I'm worried my not be advanced enough for me. The 5 doesn't have a built in flash (chances of me always carrying it are slim) & loses the flip screen of the 3; a nice feature but one I could forget about.

Correction: The 5 has a better flip screen than the 3 in that it flips up 180 and down about 40 degrees, whereas the 3's down angle is severely limited to just a few degrees.

The 5RL does interest me, but its the same cost as the 6, so is it really worth it?

The 5 with 18-55 is £419 at Jessops, whereas I'm seeing the 5r with 16-50 at an £80 premium making it £499 at procamerashop. No idea who they are or whether they're reputable or not..but note that none of the big retailers have the 5r 16-50 kit yet.

Jessops list the 6 with 16-50 at £729 which is a fair premium over the 5r even with the 16-50. However this procamerashop list the 6 at £629 also with the lens, presuming they do actually have the camera's for that price and don't just run off with your money.

Personally I'd wait until the 16-50 kit became more wide spread with the 5r and then judge it against the 6.

Then comes the 6 - it initially ticks all boxes; smallest, built in flash, newest tech & has nice additions like the EVF etc.

It does however not have the 180 degree flip screen, it only flips out to 90 degrees if that's important to you. Also the 5 has a resistive touch screen whereas the 6 has no touch screen...again if that's important for you. Other than the EVF, mode dial, built-in flash and body style/material the 5r and 6 are pretty much the same technology wise.

But is it worth the extra cash & if so would it be worthwhile really stretching myself to the limit & getting the extra loom lens (6Y) & then I've got it for the future?

I know I'm asking a lot for advice, but I'm going round in circles & would like some people in the know to help.

Thank you for reading my thread & I look forward to any helpful feedback.

Cheers Brent

Ps - yes I know I'm a nuisance & asking a lot

The way I think about it is basically with the 6 you're paying a £200 premium over the 5 for a viewfinder. If that's important to you then go for that. From my point of view I'm thinking the 5 does everything the 6 does apart from the evf but for £200 less and in a smaller package. But I will reconsider my options when the 16-50 kit is properly available and the prices have dropped even further in a few months time.

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