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Re: V2 sample photos from DPR

rayman 2 wrote:

jonikon wrote:

What is disappointing is that all of these photos have been take with the mediocre 10-30mm lens, which has lower contrast and lower color transmission than the prime lenses. I think some shots take with the prime lenses would show noticeably better image quality. I hope DPR uses some primes for their review, at least.

- Jon

If you have 600 $ cash and you spend it on a camera I can tell you

that you will have more then 3 options...but here are some...

spend it on a camera like the D3200 or D5200 with the kit lens...

or spend it on the Nikon series 1 or spend it on a superzoom like the lumix Fz 200

I can tell you you will look at an incredibly better image quality on th D5200

or a much lesser image quality like the series 1 or even lesser image quality in an FZ 200..

But you will have difficulty to put the D5200 into your coatpocket and you will have difficulty

when you want the equivalent of 600 mm at 2.8 if you dont use the superzoom..

so horses for courses and just accept that the things that concern image quality are what they are..


Peter, it seems you are responding to Jon's post without first reading it. A poor lens will give poor results in front of any camera. Jon was kind when he described the 10-30 as mediocre. I would have chosen different words. Yes, the 18-55 DX kit lens is much better, but still not as good as the 18.5 f/1.8 prime for N1. So your "incredibly better image quality" comment is a bit too broad to be meaningful.

A discounted V1 with the 18.5 prime is a lot of IQ and portability for the money. That combo is about £440 here in the UK.

The D5200 is significantly more expensive (£730ish with kit lens) and not even available in the US yet. The older D5100 + 35mm f/1.8 DX is about £480. Compared to the V1 or V2, it would provide better IQ at higher ISO, but its video mode is inferior and possibly also its AF.

Horses for courses as you say.

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