Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

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Greg Lavaty Contributing Member • Posts: 878
Re: Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

Are we talking about the same cameras here?

Maybe I am just crazy but the size difference between the S100 and the RX100 isn’t exactly what I would call big.

The S100 is on the right and the RX100 is in the middle.


Whilst I agree with Gregs' overall observations re the detail the RX100 produces over and above an S100, I think we have to retain a modicum of perspective about the balance of size/quality/cost twixt the two and other potentials in the mix. As regards difference in IQ it's all subjective -I struggle to differentiate using my optically adjusted 60 yr old eyes between the IQ of an enthusiast compact and a bridge camera, whilst my 22 yr old daughter claims it's a massive difference. I think it's called pixel peeping cobined with age. I can though see the difference between the compact and a 4/3rds, which brings to mind another conundrum ! In the UK I can now buy a panasonic GF3 and a power zoom lens for not much more than half the cost of a Sony RX100. It's hardly any different in size and the IQ blows the RX100 clean out of the water. My S100 is smaller, is more pocketable and produces acceptable (to me) IQ, so it's a better solution overall..

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