Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

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Re: Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

Whilst I agree with Gregs' overall observations re the detail the RX100 produces over and above an S100, I think we have to retain a modicum of perspective about the balance of size/quality/cost twixt the two and other potentials in the mix. In addition I remain adamant that the difference in IQ between an RX100 and an S100 is noting more than minute, unless we start enlarging & cropping the image, at which point the larger pixel count of the RX will be bound to show its might.

As regards difference in IQ, it's all subjective -I struggle to differentiate using my optically adjusted 60 yr old eyes between the IQ of an enthusiast compact and a bridge camera, whilst my 22 yr old daughter claims it's a massive difference. I think it's called pixel peeping combined with age. I can though see the difference between the compact and a 4/3rds, which brings to mind another conundrum ! In the UK I can now buy a panasonic GF3 and a power zoom lens for not much more than half the cost of a Sony RX100. It's hardly any different in size and the IQ blows the RX100 clean out of the water. I pontificate over that possibility too. My S100 is smaller, is more pocketable and produces acceptable (to me) IQ, so it's a better solution overall. A better mix. Cheap too!

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