The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Wow, i really appreciate all the replies but i wasn't expecting such heated arguments.

Zardoz, thank you for your help but why are you so down on the xpro1 and to other people who have tired to answer me? am i missing something?

all the advice is great but i am not an armature. my dad was a part time photographer as a little girl i grew up thinking a bathroom was really the negatvie strips drying room.

i love my d200 and will not be stoppng using it but i need something with higher resolution for some jobs. it is high time i had a second camera anyway.

teds camera store have the fujis and sonys in stock and i will be handling them and taking my own cards in there to do some test shots. my choice is between these two now.

once again thank you to everyone who was kind enough to answer my original question about resolution - i did not understand why so may photographers (and the review on this site) were reporting fuji 16 mp was sometimes able to look like the resolution of a much higher mp one but now i know it is a different a lot newer type of sensor design than all the others.

thank you


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