Minolta 50mm Macro F3.5, different MD mount?? What adapter are you guys using?

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Re: Really an issue of one adapter on the body vs. one adapter on the lens

If slots require tighter tolerances, why do so many cheap Chinese adapters with slots require fiddly tweaking with screwdrivers and knives? Do you actually want to claim that these $10-20 pieces of Chinese junk are machined with greater precision than the lens or camera mounts from Japan, which has had a well-earned reputation for precision going back more than half a century? Do you really think that Novoflex and the camera manufacturers use springs because they can't achieve enough precision in their machining tolerances? Have you ever tried a Novoflex adapter? I have, and they fit tightly, yet with no excessive force, because they are a quality product, produced with pride and precision by people paid an living wage. The Chinese crap is churned out and assembled in sweatshops or cottage industries, with virtually no quality control.

I've owned both kinds of adapters, the alpha & the omega. There is really only one reason to buy the Chinese crap: it's the cheapest. It's ridiculous to go on claiming that "an adapter is just a tube, so you might as well buy the cheapest." If it's just a tube, make your own out of the cardboard liner of a roll of toilet paper, or if you're more ambitious, make one out of PVC pipe fittings. Then you will learn that an adapter is not just a tube. It must be of precisely the right length, and the ends must be precisely perpendicular to the optical axis. It should have baffling and flat black finish on the inside to kill reflections. Novoflex and the other quality brands, like Metabones, show those features. The generic Chinese crap doesn't.

As for adapters which focus past infinity. They are not made that way for any reason except that their quality control is so poor that they set the target thickness in favor of focusing past infinity, because that is less deleterious than not even focusing to infinity. Even so, I have a Chinese crap adapter which will not focus to infinity. That is disastrous, unless you never want to focus anywhere near infinity.

It is perfectly possible to make an adapter which focuses exactly to infinity. Lens designers have been achieving that kind of precision for many decades. Let me know when you find a Novoflex adapter which focuses past infinity. Yes, they are expensive, but that's because they are made with precision, and in Germany where labor costs are very high. A brand like Metabones is probably closer to the sweet spot of quality vs. cost. Chinese generic adapters? Pure junk, although you might be lucky enough to get one which is within spec.

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