Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

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Re: Three Quick Questions vs The Enjoyment of Photography

RJPeter wrote:

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with this type of question. The problem I have is with the ensuring discussion, which goes into complicated detail and off topic, about who said what !

I think it matters who said what. If it didn't matter who said what, then there'd be no reason for user ID's -- just the text of what we wrote.

There should be no need to repeat who said what as everyone's name is at the top of the post. I am referring to situations where someone says, "but you said this when you mean that" and the discussion just goes in circles. Just like this statement.

The main problem I see with equivalence (which ends up being mentioned in most of these threads) is the terminology used, making many beginners believe that the exposure has to be different with different formats to get the same and correctly exposed result.

For the same DOF and shutter speed on different formats, the exposure will necessarily be different. After all, you have the same total amount of light spread over a larger area on the larger format, resulting in a lower density of light (exposure).

That's my point DOF doesn't get stated in too many cases, and I did not mention it because it was not what I was talking about. There will be hardware variations, but to get the correct exposure, you will be using the same settings. Of course things change if you want the same DOF.

Then to confuse matters further someone then butts in wanting a definition of correct exposure. Ok that's not the problem here, just lots of smart comments not meaning much.

There is a definition for "correct exposure": it's the exposure that best balances DOF, motion blur, noise, shadow detail, and highlight detail. Of course, not all photographers will choose the same balance, so there is a range of values for a "correct exposure", depending on the artistic intent.

No argument here, except that there are too many definitions of what is correct.

I still say, just go and take photos, it is a quicker way to learn, without two, three or four people saying the same thing in five different ways.

At some point, however, some like to know how things work, and with that knowledge, find that they can do some things that they couldn't do before, or do some things better than they did before.

Wanting to know how things work, and finding the best way to find out is not always easy. Especially with so many "experts" arguing and filling a thread with minor matters, and sniping at each other.

I only entered into this mish mash of comments because I won't be going out to take photos today. Forecast in Adelaide, Sth Australia today is 44 degrees C, although it will be cooler out of the city where I am, will only get to about 42C.

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